I'm Dead And Life Back

I don't like to hug the palace
Not walking on your red carpet
All the  way to the holes without life
You won't find my footprints
Will not be able to drag my death

I die and come back to life
Without the shadow of your lies
Democracy is wrapped in thousands of scents
Tekateki, weapons, intoxicating kisses

In labyrinths and colorless holograms, my children
Lost fireflies
Chanting the rights of his ancestors, over the house lost land and cities
Burn in your hand

I die and come back to life
Leave my destiny in vowels and consonants
Signals that bulge without substances
Destroys your veins
Without prayer, without flowers and a thousand kisses

Walking Together

I admire flowers and trees
Seeing dreams floating from the stalk
and the shoots
Light up on thousands of tears

Let's walk together. Leave the inscription
without footprints. Give a smile from the pain
Pieces of the day, with empty hours
Creeping into a trembling wound
Up to a horizontal line in the sun

We revive the hands
where there is no light. So you can feel hugs and kisses
In the rain and dance of flowers and trees
Our children swim in the river of goodness
Without thorns without the slightest pain

We live, walk together. Make a dream
back to shine. Raise brotherhood
without hatred and revenge
Lovingly reached the sun and hugged him


I keep going
Even though people keep erasing my footprints
Keep on walking. Up to any planet and galaxy
Dream with you
Touching the morning sun in your eyes

I light a fire in my chest
Burn loneliness and smile of death
The trees light up
Light words in each room without lights
Continue to burn
Shaping a sea of color in your eyes

I keep going
Feel your warm hug
Sharpen the sky at each end of your gaze
Bringing morning every evening and your evenings
Shadow of swimming fish is also present there

Walking With You

Today I want to walk
with you. Crossing rivers, forests,
a cave in the middle of the city
Howling like a wolf

I have to keep going
With love and respect
to you. Make a boat in your dreams
sailing in a burning soul

River, forest, a cave in the middle of the city
Paint your smile and gaze
Light up spaces, doors and windows
We hold hands. The tighter
bring love with courage
Under the sky and the sun

The words are now burning. Between darkness
and shadow drops of many colors
Our love is transformed into a fireball
Replace the sun and moon

In The Death Of Every Heartbeat

I hid from their applause
Hug my tears
Without a milestone, the land is calling for me
Look for my beach, old and blue harbor

I kiss your every step. Every time
Sounds, words, like flower petals
Beat my death

I said, I will not die
History will scream my wounds in your city
No alphabet, no names of heroes
In death every heartbeat


WIRJA TAUFAN, born in Medan, Sumatra, 15 September 1961, with the name Suryadi Firdaus. Started writing poetry since 1980 in various local, national and international newspapers, the Jakarta Horizon literary magazine, the International Writer Association (IWA) Bogdani website, and the International Forum for Creativity and Honored (IFCH). His poems are widely published in the anthology of shared poetry, and have been translated into Spanish and English for joint anthology 'De Antologia Amor Enprimavera' (Amazon, 2020) and 'Anthology of Love in Spring' (Amazon, 2020), also published in Azahar literary magazine, Spain. 'Bunga, Kupu-kupu, Mimpi dan Kerinduan' are the anthologies of his single poem (Imaji, 2020). The third child of seven siblings from his parents who worked as journalists and writers, Dhalika Tadaus (deceased) and Nurlely AM (deceased), was recorded in the book 'Leksikon Susastra Indinesia' (Balai Pustaka, 2000) by Korrie Layun Rampan, 'Apa dan Siapa Penyair Indonesia' (Hari Puisi Indonesia 2017, 2018) and 'Jejak Kreatif 100 Seniman Sastrawan Sumatera Utara' (Fosad, 2018). In 1984 he received the Literature Creativity Prize in poetry from the Medan Arts Council (Dewan Kesenian Medan, DKM). In 1986 he read his poem collected in the 'Episode Mimpi' at Taman Budaya Medan (TBM). Currently residing in Medan, North Sumatra.

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